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French seams

French seam is a strong seam stitched on both sides of the fabric to enclose all raw edges. It requires more patience than your typical seam since french seam needs to be worked on twice.

To create clothes that look and feel beautiful, we know that the small details make all the difference. That is why, at Manufacture de Lin, we use french seams as standard in our manufacturing process. It is important to us that our clothes look and feel as good on the inside as they do on the outside.

French seams tidy away any protruding threads, meaning that your clothes will keep their strength and last longer; plus they are smoother and thus more comfortable against your skin.

Although this is a more painstaking method compared to over-locking (please see the comparison pictures); we firmly believe this is the best technique to ensure that your garments are tailored to the very highest standard.

French seam

French seams

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